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Earn your Orienteering Scout Badge here in one place

 The complete BSA Orienteering Badge requirement can be difficult for leaders to achieve.   The O badge is one of the most requested badges but can be one of the most difficult to obtain.    Most of the requirements can be done fairly easily but there are a few that can be quite challenging.   If you are having problems or you are a leader and need assistance, please continue reading.   We offer and all in one solution that will make the whole process not only easy but fun too.

The Map

It all starts with the map.   If your local scout camp already has an up to date Orienteering map, you are half-way there.     There are a couple of Scout Camps mapped in KY but sadly nothing in TN.   Help us change that by requesting that MTBSC  gets Boxwell Reservation mapped. Can Scouts still earn the badge without an Orienteering map?   Yes, but it would be more difficult and since thousands of Scouts visit Boxwell annually, it only makes sense that an Orienteering Map is made.   We do have 3 other possibilities though.    There are currently 4 parks in the area that have an Orienteering Map made.   We can still bring the scouts up to date with other maps that have been made in the region.  As of Oct 2022, there are 4 Parks in the Middle TN region which have Orienteering Maps.    Centennial Park, Cedar Hill Park and Cedars of Lebanon State Park and Dugas Park in Scottsville KY.    

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