•  ​Interactive Mazes 

  • Indoor Map Reading Activities

  • Navigation Puzzles

  • Short and Long Term Programs

  • Maze Fun Relay

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We are building a series of not so permanent Orienteering courses.   Permanent courses are great but one of the problems with them is that they are too permanent.     We will be establishing some GPS and QR code markers that will be changing ever so often.  You will have the ability to do these at no cost or elect to pay for access to some of the courses.    Go to our Anytime Orienteering section to get a list of parks that are included.

  • Creating maps to promote active and healthy activities

  • Encouraging your community to enjoy the outdoors

  • Benefiting minds through creative learning adventures

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  •  ​Navigational Skill Development 

  • Team Training

  • JCLC Orienteering

  • Regional Schools Competition Circuits

  • National Championship Preparation

  • Program Consulting